Did you know there’s more to do in Barbados than just drinking rum punch on the beach? There are so many other spots where you could be drinking rum punches and some great sights to see on the island! So put that drink down and get off the beach, here’s a list of things to do in Barbados!

Tips for travelling Barbados!

Barbados can be expensive, but we have some top tips on how to save while travelling around Barbados!

1. Visit the Animal Flower Cave!

Not only are the views of the rugged coastline just stunning, you can also go below the rocks into a cave! In this cave you will find loads of “flowers” or sea anemones. Make sure you go during low tide as they close the cave when the tide is high! Watch us explore the north coast here.
Entrance Fee: Adults – $10USD

2. St. Nicholas Abbey

Take in a bit of history at St Nicholas Abbey and even ride a train! St Nicholas Abbey is one of the only three remaining Jacobean style mansion in the Western hemisphere! Tour the Great House and then head down to see how they make their own rum, and maybe even have a taste! There has been a recent addition of a train which passes the Great House and heads up to the view point at Cherry Tree Hill. If you are a steam train fanatic then we highly recommend it!
Entrance Fee: Abbey – $23USD, Train – $30USD

3. Oistins Fish Fry

Ready to try some local food, then head to Oistin’s Fish Fry on a Friday night! Our top tip is to head there early around 5pm so you can get your food and grab a seat easily, trust us, it gets crazy the later you go!

Budget: Approximately $15USD for food.

4. Harry Bayley Observatory

Want to check out the nightlife of a different kind? On Friday nights at the Observatory they have special presentations about the universe and then you can go upstairs and have a look at some of the stars that our out that night! We definitely recommend it if you are looking for some different things to do in Barbados!
Donation: Approx. $15USD

5. Soup Bowl, Bathsheba

This is something you will definitely see once you hit the road on our self drive island tour! Soup Bowl has seen surfers like Kelly Slater come down to enjoy these amazing waves! They usually have a big surf competition around November!

6. Visit Bottom Bay

One of our favourite spots on the island for sure! Bottom Bay is beautifully stunning with its gorgeous palms trees and bright blue water. Walk along the cliff to take in the views from above before heading down onto the pristine white sands.

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7. See the View on top of Cherry Tree Hill

One of Barbados’ most popular view points! The drive up to Cherry Tree Hill is beautiful as you pass under a canopy of protected mahogany trees before bursting out to an amazing view of the whole east coast of the Barbados!

8. See Morgan Lewis Windmill

One of only two working windmills in the Caribbean. You can find this windmill as you make your way down from Cherry Tree Hill towards the East Coast. There is also a little spot where you can grab a coffee and you can pay a small fee to go into Morgan Lewis windmill.

9. George Washington House

This historic house was where US President Geroge Washington visited back in 1751 when he was 19 years old! Yoou can also visit the Garrison tunnels underneath the property, which are around 200 years old

10. Swim with the Sea Turtles

A great free activity or you can see them on your catamaran cruise. You can check out some spots where you can find them here!

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11. Go Paddleboarding along the West coast

Get out on the water and explore the west coast on a paddle board! A great way to get a little exercise while on vacation.

12. Go on a Catamaran cruise

There are so many options with catamran cruises, from budget all the way up to luxury cruises. Most cruises go to a shipwreck to see lots of fish, followed by lunch and then a swim with the turtles! They usually all include alcohol for the day! Watch our tour of Cool Runnings Luxury here!
Average cost: $80 – 120USD

13. Visit a Haunted site

There are a few haunted places in Barbados such as plantation houses like, Fishrpond Great House, Hanson Plantation House and Halton Plantation House. One place to stop by is the St Lucy Parish Cemetery where you can find a strange vault among the tombstones, and inscribed on it reads “This vault shall never be opened”. Legend says that two witches were burned at the stake and their ashes are buried in this vault. At another cemetery in Christ Church you can find the Chase Mausoleum, it has been said that the coffins of family members which were buried in the early 1800s would move around in the locked vault, sometimes even lining up vertically along the walls. The Governor personally sealed the vault but still the coffins moved around. The coffins have since been buried at different locations and the empty Chase vault is open for all to see.

14. Go for a walk through Welchman Hall

This beautiful gully is full of tropical flora and fauna, it is the home of the grapefruit and many other exotic trees and an orchard. Have a sneak peak of Welchman Hall Gully here.

Entrance Fee: $14USD

15. See the Chamberlain Bridge

In 1872 it was a swing bridge across a small inlet of the Careenage, it was then dismantled and rebuilt in 2005-2006, making it more state of the art which rises to allow boats through.

16. See the Parliment buildings

These buildings were built back in 1870 and 1874, it consists of two buildings in the neo-Gothic architectural style, they are reminiscent of the Victorian era of Great Britain. Both were designated UNESCO protected properties within the World Heritage Site of Bridgetown and the Garrison area.

17. Take a surf lesson with Boosy’s Surf School

Barbados has unleashed many surfers onto the international stage like Josh Burke and Chelsea Tuach. So why not take a surf lesson on your vacation! We highly recommend going for a lesson with Boosy’s Surf School

Cost: $50USD

18. Foursquare Rum Distillery

There’s no better place to drink rum than in Barbados! Walk around the factory and explore the rum making process. When you are done then why not sample a few at the end of your tour!

19. Garrison Savannah

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is situated approximately 2 miles south of Heroes Square which is located in the middle of Bridgetown. The Garrison area is surrounded by many historic buildings including barracks for military personnel, in the middle of it there is a huge race track known as the Garrison Savannah where horse races are held including the famous Sandy Lane Gold Cup

20. St James Parish Church

This is on of the oldest churches on the island. The first settlers landed on the island on February 17th 1627 in Holetown, when the settlement became large enough they erected a place of worship. In 1628, the St Jame Parish church was built. The original bell in the church is one of the oldest in Barbados and carries the inscription “God bless King William 1696”, it was manufactured in the Whitechapel Bll Foundry which was the same place that produced the Liberty Bell and Big Ben!

21. Visit Hunte’s Gardens

Get lost in the flora and fauna of Barbados at Hunte’s Gardens! This gully has been transformed into a beautiful tropical paradise by Anthony Hunte!

Entrance Fee: $15USD

22. Learn all about Rum at the Mount Gay visitor center

Along the Mighty Grynner highway you will find the Mount Gay Visitors center. One of my personal favourite tours! Learn about how rum is produced and a bit of history about Barbados’ oldest rum, Mount Gay! We highly recommend staying for a cocktail or two after your tour! The bar tenders are skilled and make some good drinks! Read all about it here.

Price: $20USD to $100USD depending on the tour.

23. Visit the Flower Forest

Another beautiful spot to explore tosee some beautiful and unique flowers of Barbados and enjoy the views of the east coast!

Entrance Fee: $15USD

24. Check out the Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum

25. Visit the Barbados Museum

Take in a bit of Barbados history at the Barbados museum!

26. See the Stalagites and Stalagmites at Harrisons Cave

One cool experience is to check out the foundation of the island! It’s also a great rainy day activity if you are wondering what to do in Barbados on a rainy day! Explore the Great Hall and see the stalagties and stalactites and even see a waterfall!

Entrance Fee: $30USD

27. See the Green Monkeys at the Barbados Wildlife reserve

If you are lucky you will see a few of these guys around as you drive around the island, if notthen you must visit the Wildlife Reserve! Come and see moneys and loads of other animals!

28. Go for a drink down St Lawrence Gap

This spot is located down the south coast of the island! The street is lined with many hotels and bars and is always an awesome night out!

29. Watch a cricket match at Kensington Oval

The Kensington Oval is the home of cricket here is Barbados and is refered to as the “Mecca” of cricket! We highly recommend watching a T20 match at the Oval as these cricket matches are fast paced and exciting. If you are looking to really have a good time, then get tickets for the Party Stand, which usually includes a pool, music and a few private tents. Things tend to get a bit wild in the Party Stand as the day goes on but it is always a good time! No one in the party stand will judge you for having that beer at 9am 😉

30. Visit Gun Hill Signal Station and take a photo with the lion!

Based in the center of the island is Gun Hill Signal Station, a look out point for the military back in the day! Not only are the views of the island amazing, you can learn a bit of the history behind it!

Cost: $6USD

31. Take in the views at Farley Hill

Located in the north of the island, this spot has some epic views over the east coast and is usually host to many big outdoor events like Reggae on the Hill.

32. Visit Andromeda Gardens

Talk a walk through this beautiful garden created by Iris Bannochie who was an award winning horticulturalist in Barbados.

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Did you do any fun, unique activities on your trip to Barbados? We would love to hear about it! Please share your experiences below in the comments!

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