Barbados is home to beautiful blue beaches and lots of sea turtles. The most popular being the green turtle. The good news is that you don’t need to book a catamaran cruise to swim with sea turtles in Barbados. This is perfect if you are travelling Barbados on a budget! They are found off many beaches along the west coast. Some of them are slightly further out than others.

Make sure that when you are snorkeling in Barbados that you wear some sort of bright colored flag or floaty to let others know where you are. Unfortunately we have had a lot of accidents where people swim out without any markers which makes them very hard to spot from boats and jetskis.

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Grab your mask, snorkels and floats, here are the top places to swim with sea turtles in Barbados.

Freights Bay

If you are planning to take a surfing lesson with Boosy’s Surf School, you can tick this off at the same time. Freights Bay is home to a few sea turtles. If you are not planning to take a surf lesson then make your way down to the beach and paddle out on a boogie board and you will see a few pop up every now and then!

Where to swim with Sea Turtles in Barbados

Sea Turtle spotting at Freights Bay

Carlisle Bay & Pebbles Beach

If you are spending the day at Pebbles beach you can spend some time swimming with sea turtles here. Or you can continue north along the beach and swim or walk under the pier passing the Barbados Yacht Club. Swim out carefully, there are lots of boats in the area. There are also a few ship wrecks slightly further out but it is recommended to go with a group since the area is busy.

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Where to swim with sea turtles in Barbados

Jason at Pebbles Beach. Continue North to find more sea turtles around Carlisle Bay

Paynes Bay

If you are staying on the west coast then Paynes Bay is probably closer for you. Walk across to Paynes Bay using the public access by One Sandy Lane. Turn left and walk down the beach. Again, this spot is quite busy so take a marker or flag with you so people can see you while you snorkel.

Alleyne’s Bay (Lonestar)

The turtles are located just off Lonestar Restaurant. You can’t miss this spot since many of the catamarans and glass bottom boats come here. The crews from the boats usually throw some food in the water to attract them as well. The best time to come to this spot would probably be early morning before the boats start arriving. It gets super busy here so watch out for incoming feet and hands while you swim around!

Where to Swim with sea turtles in Barbados

Before the mad rush of boats arrive at Lonestar

Good luck spotting sea turtles in Barbados.