Best Beaches for Sundowners

So you've spent the day exploring the beautiful island of Barbados. You've even checked off some of our things to do in Barbados and now finally the day is winding down. Sunset is probably one of the best times of the day while you are on your Barbados vacation. The...

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20 Things to do in Queenstown New Zealand

New Zealand is an incredible place to visit for reasons that go well beyond its cities. But if you’re able to spend a day in Queenstown, you’ll find that there’s still plenty to do in and around the city without leaving the area. Just like Auckland, this is a city...

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32 Things to do in Barbados

Did you know there's more to do in Barbados than just drinking rum punch on the beach? There are so many other spots where you could be drinking rum punches and some great sights to see on the island! So put that drink down and get off the beach, here's a list of...

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20 Things to do in Auckland New Zealand

Oh Auckland! I literally spent a day here and had no idea there were so many things to do in Auckland! It was also rainy when I arrived which made a few things more difficult. When visiting Auckland, make sure you stay for at least 2 days! There are so many more...

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The Most Romantic Hotels in Barbados

Barbados is a honeymooners paradise. It has loads of fine dining restaurants and beautiful hotels on amazing beaches. There are also lots of activities such as island tours, historical sites and even natural wonders like Harrison's cave, you can find them all in our...

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Wine Trails Around The World

Jason and I have been thinking about planning a boozy kind of trip exploring vineyards, hiking and drinking. Instead of just going to Napa Valley we decided to find out from other travel bloggers what their favourite wine trails are and we were not disappointed!  You...

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Winter Travel Packing List

Packing is challenging enough for any trip. Now that airlines are charging for each peice of luggage it kind of sucks having to pay that extra $25 US each way. The only way to get away from those fees is to pack carry on only. That $50 US is enough to pay for an epic...

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