My Story

Let me take you on a journey through my travel story. Hi, I’m Stacey, and my love for exploring new places led me to start this travel blog. It all began with childhood summers, where my mom would whisk my sister and me off to the UK to connect with family. As we grew older, Mom’s determination to create unforgettable experiences for us took us on an ‘European Whirl’ coach tour, spanning France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and a return to London. Italy stole my heart during that trip, and the travel bug found its way into my soul.

The family trips became less frequent as we entered adulthood, but a significant graduation present for my sister brought us to Australia in 2008. A trip filled with memories that will last a lifetime. After a brief travel hiatus, a birthday trip to Morocco in 2014 reignited my passion for exploration. The rich tapestry of cultures and customs we encountered sparked a renewed sense of wanderlust.

Since Morocco, my adventures have taken me to South Africa in 2015, followed by explorations in Peru, New Zealand, and Iceland in 2016. The wanderlust continued with trips to Vietnam and Bali in 2017 and a memorable RV journey from Whitehorse to Calgary in 2018. In 2019, Scotland and Italy beckoned, solidifying the rekindling of my travel spirit.

Many of these recent escapades were shared with my boyfriend, but life took a turn. After our split, I embraced a new chapter, opting for IVF, and in February 2023, welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world. Now, as a family, we embarked on a journey to the Dorset coast in October 2023, creating cherished moments that I’m eager to share as we continue growing together. Stay tuned for more tales of our exciting adventures!

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