Our Story

Stacey and Jason were born and raised in Barbados. We met on Tinder in November 2015 and hit it off immediately. We had so much in common, the same last name (Gilkes), our birthdays are the 15th and 16th of October, our dad’s also share the same first name and so do our aunts… weird!

In October 2016 we went on our first trip together. We stayed in a campervan for 12 days in Iceland. It was such a great adventure! We made so many memories together from dealing with those windy rainy nights in a campervan to admiring the Northern lights in the north. I knew I had found an awesome travel buddy in Jason. I (Stacey) made a trip to Colombia the following February solo, and it was one of the hardest trips. It was only for a week but I realized how much I enjoyed us travelling together. Since that trip this blog has become a couples travel blog.

We then travelled to Vietnam and Bali late September 2017. We explored Vietnam by train and motorbike staying in $30 a night hotels, taking in all the sights and drinking all the beers. We fell in love with Vietnam. Now we are ready for our next adventure, we will be renting a campervan again and driving from Whitehorse to Calgary in October and we can’t wait to make some beautiful memories together.

We have some big plans ahead and hope that you follow along!

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