Barbados has some beautiful beaches with all inclusive resorts along the coasts and 5 star hotels. Don’t let that get you down, there are many ways to visit Barbados on a budget. First of all, if you have read my budget travel 101 post then you know that low season is the best time to travel. If you check google flights right now though, you can find flights to Barbados from around $100US on JetBlue from Fort Lauderdale or a bit more expensive from JFK. This is crazy cheap, but keep in mind November to April is our high season and prices are a bit higher.

Barbados on a Budget


Barbados on a budget during high season it may be a little more difficult to find  places to stay. Your best option would be to browse AirBnb where you may be able to find a few hidden gems. The only downside is they may be a little further away from the beaches. Some sweet spots are apartments in Holetown such as Golden View, Pura Vida and some of the other sunset crest villas. These are all within walking distance to the beach and have pool access at The Beach House. You would definitely need to book in advance, especially for longer stays. Another option would be couchsurfing. There are a few people on the island doing this but again you may not be too close to the beach. During low season the prices of hotels drop and you can find some nice spots for under $100 US. It is also not as busy and you can make your booking closer to your travel dates.


Renting a car can be expensive here, so renting a scooter is probably a better option if you want some freedom to explore Barbados on a budget. It would be a better option to rent the scooter for the weekend which is when you can do an island tour of Barbados and explore and then use public transport for the majority of your trip. Buses here costs about $1US and you can get around the island pretty well.


Everyone knows eating out is expensive. There are a few spots where you can get reasonably priced food such as Just Grillin’ and Lemongrass. If you don’t want to eat out the whole time then head to the grocery and cook in your AirBnB. Cooking for yourself will always be cheaper and healthier. Alcohol can take a toll on the budget but you can’t come to the Caribbean and drink water on the beach. Lucky for you the beer is cheap and so is the rum. You can buy Banks Beer and Deputy for about $1US in the gas station and rum shops always have 4 for $10bds ($5US) specials.

Barbados on a Budget

A Bajan Rum Shop in St. Lucy


As I mentioned before you can rent a scooter and explore the island. This is a free and fun way to spend a day. You can also go swim with the sea turtles instead of booking a tour! One of the most obvious ones is to just go to the beach. Go to a different beach everyday, that’s why you are here. Pack a cooler if you want some drinks. It will always be cheaper to buy from the gas station or rum shops. There’s no better Barbados on a budget activity than sitting on the beach with a cooler full of beers. Another way to experience the island is to visit Oistin’s Fish Market, this is a great cheap night out. This place is rocking Friday and Saturday nights. You can get some good local food from one of the many shops around the area and of course some 4 for $10 beers!

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