Barbados rum, a world class spirit available in every part of the world. Not only is the rum itself smooth and delicious, it is even better in cocktails! One of the most famous cocktails in Barbados is the Bajan Rum Punch! The Bajan rum punch is basically a fruity cocktail and each person has their own signature rum punch.

History of Barbados Rum

Barbados has been producing rum for hundreds of years. It is one of Barbados’ signature spirits, with Mount Gay Rum being one of the oldest Barbados rums. It was discovered that molasses could be fermented to produce alcohol, which would then be distilled and served! Our rum has evolved a lot since then! Mount Gay Rum has been distilled since 1703 and is world renown, it is one of the smoothest and finest rums in the world.

The Process


The sugar cane on the plantations would be harvested and sent to the windmills. One of the most famous windmills is Morgan Lewis Windmill. The sugar cane would then be ground up and then the molasses would be separated. This molasses came to be called “liquid gold” as it provided an additional revenue after the sugar had been crystallized.


The water and the molasses are combined with a specialty strain of yeast for Mount Gay Rums, and the fermentation process takes place in open air vats.


This process takes place in double copper pots stills. The liquid is heated and the alcohol is distilled off.


Once the alcohol has been distilled it is moved into white oak barrels where the rum matures from anywhere between 6 months and three years. The oldest rum is the Mount Gay 1703 which has been matured for 300 years!

Barbados Rum Punch Recipe

The Barbados Rum Punch, one of Barbados’ most popular cocktails. Probably because it is so fruity and refreshing. Everyone mixes theirs differently, and not everyone likes to share their special recipe. There is a standard recipe that most of them follow:

Barbados Rum Punch

Thanks Mount Gay!

So a basic Barbados rum punch would be one part lime, 2 parts simple syrup, 3 parts rum, 4 parts water and some people sprinkle some grated nutmeg on top. So now you can easily make one at home, you can print the Barbados rum punch recipe below!


1 Cup of Lime Juice
2 Cups of Simple Syrup
3 Cups of Barbados Rum
4 Cups of Water
A splash of Angostura Bitters
A Sprinkle of Nutmeg for Garnish


Combine the lime juice, simple syrup, Barbados rum, water and Angostura bitters and mix in a large pitcher. Refrigerate.

To Serve:

Pour into glasses with ice and grate a little nutmeg on the top. Enjoy!

Watch us make it here!

But while you’re in Barbados you aren’t going to waste time making your own. You need to test them out and try all the different variations. These selections have been verified by a few friends, but if you think somewhere else needs to be added just comment below!

Here are our top 5 places for a delicious Barbados Rum Punch

1. Mount Gay Rum Tour

Why not go straight to the source. These guys know rum and know how to make a classic rum punch. This rum punch was so light and refreshing that you couldn’t even tell there was rum in it. Or maybe that was because we tried all the other rums before… Definitely have a seat even if you are not doing the Mount Gay Rum Tour, and try a Barbados rum punch or any of their amazing rums cocktails!

2. Atlantis Restaurant

Atlantis is located on the East Coast, it’s a great spot over-looking the sea. They serve their rum punch in a cute mason jar with an umbrella in it. Theirs is also very smooth, light and refreshing. Just another perfect spot to enjoy an awesome Barbados Rum Punch.

Barbados Rum Punch

Atlantis Rum Punch is just so photogenic

3. The Beach House

A perfect location for a cocktail, located on the west coast in Holetown. Come down here for a sundowner or two or three. These Barbados rum punches are a bit stronger than the other two places. You can definitely feel the punch on the first sip.

Barbados Rum Punch

Sundowners at The Beach House, Bajan Rum Punches are a must!

4. Surfside Bar

Another spot on the west coast, located right behind the Holetown Police Station. These Barbados rum punches are strong but good. They also have the option for you to buy a half gallon for $25 US if you’re going hardcore. Or you could just save some for another beach day. Come for sundowners and stay for dinner. They also have a live band on a Sunday.

5. Barbados Yacht Club

Ask anyone about a Yacht Club rum punch, they will tell you not to drink more than two.  These taste like juice but are extremely strong. They grate fresh nutmeg on top of each one which adds a great flavor to it. Everyone has mixed feelings about this one. Some say it is the best and others say they are just way too strong. Drink with caution, after 2 drinks they start to taste like a fruit punch but they still contain the same amount of rum! After all the research for this post I forgot to snap a shot of my Barbados rum punch here… So I will leave you with a sunset shot because I think we can all agree that a Barbados Rum Punch pairs well with sunsets and sandy toes.

Barbados Rum Punch

Sunset and Bajan rum punches

Remember to have a designated driver if you plan on drinking yourself silly. These Barbados rum punches can hit you like a full bus. These are also just a few of my favorite places to have a rum punch. Almost everywhere serves their specialty rum punch so you can definitely sample a lot more.

Have you had an awesome rum punch in Barbados? Where did you get it?

Let me know in the comments so I can try it out too!


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