Barbados has so many beaches to choose from, some are great for swimming, some are great for surfing and others are so beautiful that you need to go and see them for yourself. This is why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite off the beaten path beaches you must visit in Barbados. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Most of the beaches below are not meant for swimming due to the strong currents in the area.

1. Bottom Bay

You would have seen this location in a few other posts like our self drive island tour of Barbados, and the most instagrammable spots in Barbados. There’s a reason why we mention it so often, it is absolutely stunning. The water is crystal clear and turquoise, the beach is lined with palm trees and it is so breezy and relaxing here. Avoid swimming here at Bottom Bay though, the current is very strong. It is definitely better to go with a group rather than as a solo traveler because it is a bit secluded, but it has gotten quite a bit busier in recent months though.

2. Shark Hole Beach

This beach can be found just using google maps! It’s a very tiny bay with bright blue water, definitely worth a few photos. This is definitely an off the beaten path beach here in Barbados even though it’s close to the road! This is because you have to drive through a residential area to find it.

3. Foul Bay

Foul Bay is located on the Southern side of Barbados, before The Crane. Foul Bay has a huge expanse of white sandy beach and perfectly turquoise water with crashing waves. Again, it’s not the safest place to go swimming because of the currents. It is the perfect place for picnics and cocktails though as there are many shaded spots perfect for a beach chair and coolers!

4. Harrismith Beach

Harrismith Beach is right next door to Bottom Bay. You can either, walk across the cliff from Bottom Bay to Harrismith or just drive back down the road through the residential area to get as close as possible. The coolest thing about this beach is the old house on top of the cliff, from the house you then head down some stairs to this secluded beach.

5. North Point Hotel

On the other side of the island we have the beautiful Animal Flower Cave, it has gotten quite busy there in recent years. If you walk along the cliff side you can reach the old North Point Hotel, here there is a long stretch of cliffs and crashing waves and then some stairs heading down to a small beach below. This beach is usually where surfers head out to catch some waves. Be careful here as well because of the currents, it is a beautiful quiet and secluded spot though. You can also drive down to the old hotel, as you come out of the cave and turn left, there is a dirt track which you can take leading you to this spot.

Most of these spots can be found on google maps, but if you have any problems, feel free to give us a shout! Just remember not to swim at these spots as the currents are very strong! These beautiful off the beaten path beaches are great for your Instagram photos or to just chill out and have a picnic or a coconut and take in the view!


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