Today I really want to share the most instagrammable spots in Barbados. Barbados is really beautiful, like seriously. There are also so many secluded beaches and sites around the island that are dying to be explored. So, I’m giving away all of our secret spots and telling you where to find the most instagrammable spots in Barbados.

Are you ready?

Most Instagrammable Spots in Barbados


1. The West Coast of Barbados

This side of the island is calm and has crystal clear water. This makes it the perfect spot for those idyllic beach photos for your Instagram.

2. Silver Sands Beach

Add some color to your beach shots by checking out the kite-surfing at Silver Sands beach! We love photographing the kites which give awesome pops of color to the sky.

Top tip: Head to Silver Sands on a super windy day, there will be a ridiculous amount of kites in the water.

3. Browne’s Beach

This is a massive stretch of beach, where you can also get beautiful shots like this…

4. Cattlewash

One of our favorite spots on the island. Not only is the landscape rugged and stunning, you can also find these amazing tide pools! This is why Cattlewash is one of our most instagrammable spots in Barbados.

5. Almond Beach Resort

Almond Beach Resort stole our hearts when we found this beautiful old mill in the gardens! It may be worth booking a night here just so you can explore and take some amazing shots for the gram!

6. The Beachfront at Almond Resort

Hello there bright yellow life guard hut! How much more instagrammable can you get than this? Ok so you will find these lifeguard huts dotted around the island on some of the really popular beaches so you don’t need to come to this one.

7. North Point

Rugged beauty at North Point! Another one of our most instagrammable spots in Barbados. Does this print look familiar? This print can be found in our shop here!

8. Cove Bay

Rows and rows of palm trees basically scream “Instagram me!!!” here at Cove Bay!

9. Bottom Bay

Probably at the very top of our most instagrammable spots in Barbados. Bottom Bay is just perfection. You don’t need any photo editing skills to make Bottom Bay look stunning. Just go stand on the cliff and snap a shot and post #NaturalBeauty.

10. Palm Tree Lined Dirt Track by Morgan Lewis

Palm trees are definitely a theme here. Don’t miss this dirt track as you come down Cherry Tree Hill just after Morgan Lewis Windmill.

11. Speightstown

Keep on the look out for some of the most instagrammable spots in Barbados while you walk through Speightstown. This is an old town with lots of character, and a few colorful walls.

These are just a few of the most instagrammable spots in Barbados. You can find many of them on our self drive island tour. There are always more to find here!

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Do you have any suggestions for the most instagrammable spots in Barbados? Tell us where we can find them in the comments!

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