Barbados is known for wine sandy beaches and of course its world class rums! We are big fans of rum tours in Barbados! Our favourite rum tour in Barbados as you would know is the Mount Gay rum tour! The Mount Gay rum tour takes you around the bottling factory along Spring Garden highway and teaches you about how rum is made and you get to taste test a few different Mount Gay Rums. This is such a great tour, but if you want variety in the different kinds of rums, you won’t find that here! This is where the Rum Vault comes in!

At the Rum Vault they have 150 different rums for you to try and there are options for dinner, or chocolate pairings or even small private events! When we visited the Rum Vault we got to experience their Kill Devil Vault Tapas.

We were invited to the Rum Vault by Colony Club hotel but of course all opinions are our own!

The Rum Vault Experience

The Rum Vault is a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else on the island. As you enter the Vault you can’t help but walk around and view all the old black and white pictures, and the wall of rum! Our menu was called the Kill Devil Vault Tapas, and because they have a dedicated chef at the Rum Vault, you can adjust any of the meals to suit your needs! These guys even managed to get me some gluten free bread!

Pretzel and Humms

The Kill Devil Vault Tapas consisted of 6 courses which were paired with cocktails. The first course was a cumin and sesame pretzel with hummus, or in my case, gluten free bread and hummus, which was paired up with a passion fruit mojito! The passion fruit mojito also paired perfectly with the second course which was a Caesar salad with breaded lump crab, cherry tomatoes, fresh anchovies and dressing!

Passion Fruit Mojito

Caesar Salad and Crab Balls

The second cocktail was called a CCRV Cooler, which is short for, a Colony Club Rum Vault Cooler! This drink was light and refreshing and it was paired with our third and fourth course. The third course was a yellow fin tuna poke bowl with sticky rice and sweet potato crisps and our fourth course was a duck taco with avocado and hoisin dressing.

Plantain Crusted Lamb

Out of all the meals, the fifth course was my favourite. The fifth course was a plantain crusted lamb rack with a mint jus and it was paired with a mint sorrel sour! Hopefully by the end of the fifth course you still have a bit of room for dessert. The Rum Vault team walked into the Vault carrying a massive mirror of desserts! There were honey ganache and lemon jam macaroons, guava cheese, handmade passionfruit chocolates which we ate with an Award-Winning Foursquare 2005 Cask strength rum!

The staff were amazing! They were funny and so knowledgable about all of their rums! The cocktails we had with our dinner were all made from local rums, but the Rum Vault also offers rum tastings, also known as Rum Flights, where you can try rums from different regions! They also offer Storied Rum Dinners and Rum and Chocolate pairings, which is definitely a great way to end the night!

All the Deserts!

This fantastic experience has definitely gone straight to the top of our things to do in Barbados list. If you are planning to do a rum tour in Barbados then add the Rum Vault to your list and enjoy a fun and informative night filled with good food and more importantly good rum!

View the Rum Vault’s menus here and make sure you follow them on Instagram! Check out our vlog from our night!

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