After our hot spring hunting in Iceland’s Westfjords, we boarded Ferry Baldur to Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. We were on our final leg of our itinerary from Snæfellsnes to Reykjavik

It was about a 2 – 2 and a half hour ferry ride and it was surprisingly comfortable considering we were heading towards a storm and the weather was terrible. We used the ferry’s internet to search for hotels in case the winds were too high to stay in the campervan, and after the ferry ride we decided to wing it and see how it was at the campsite.


We drove off the ferry into Stykkishólmur. A local on the ferry said if we stayed at the campsite we would be fine in our campervan. As soon as we had passed all the main buildings of the town you could feel the wind ripping across the road. We turned into the campsite, which was flat with nowhere to hide from the wind. We drove around searching for the ideal spot at this campsite and finally decided to park right behind a building to help shelter us. It was another windy and rainy night and every so often we would feel the car rock from the wind. It felt just like that scary night at Seljalandsfoss.

We survived the night and left our campsite around 10am. There was finally some blue sky peaking through the clouds so we decided to get moving. We were driving out to the iconic Kirkjufell and were praying for some sun.


From our campsite it was about 30minutes to Kirkjufell. It was still extremely windy and rainy as we made our way there. We eventually spotted this uniquely shaped mountain and found the car park. From the pictures you don’t realize that the waterfalls are actually across the road from the mountain. The falls are actually quite small too. We waited it out in the car for a little bit, until some blue skies were over us and we ran to the falls to get ‘the shot.’

Kirkjufell in Snaefellsnes Peninsula


This shot was taken at the second, lower set of waterfalls. Unfortunately the blue skies didn’t stick around for too long. The mountain itself was impressive regardless.

The rain and the low clouds made it hard to take in the scenery so we were going to drive from Snæfellsnes to Reykjavik. We had one more stop to make before we reached Reykjavik, Hraunfossar and Barnafoss waterfalls.

Hraunfossar & Barnafoss

These waterfalls were quite a drive from Kirkjufell but the sun came out which made us so happy. These waterfalls seem to come out of the ground from underneath the lava fields which was quite cool. We had not seen anything like them before.

From Snæfellsnes to Reykjavik

Checking out Hraunfossar

From Snæfellsnes to Reykjavik

Hraunfossar and Barnafoss


We were a little sad that our trip was coming to an end so we took some weird and wonderful route back to Reykjavik with amazing views like this.

From Snæfellsnes to Reykjavik

The road back to Reykjavik

We drove into Reykjavik and found ‘Reykjavik campsite’ which was a sweet site right in town. It was also crazy busy so thank goodness we got there early.

The next day it was time to explore the city. We parked near Hallgrímskirkja and went for a walk. We walked along Laugavegur, which was the main shopping street in Reykjavik and bought souvenirs. As we were walking towards Harpa that was our first point of interest. This building was crazy cool, it’s shape, funky windows, and its great location right on the waterfront.


Harpa in Reykjavik

After, we went for lunch at Scandinavian. After an awesome meal I was tempted to try the Brennivín and Kæstur hákarl. Kæstur hákarl is shark which has been fermented and then dried for a certain amount of time. Brennivín is considered Iceland’s signature distilled beverage. I only managed one piece of shark as the texture was too much to bear, and we both knocked back the Brennivín and left feeling quite tipsy. We made our way back up the street to the famous Hallgrímskirkja. After a few shots outside we went inside and up the tower for some impressive views of Reykjavik despite the weather.
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Inside Hallgrímskirkja


Inside Hallgrímskirkja


A view of Reykjavik from Hallgrímskirkja

Blue Lagoon & Home

The next morning we headed to the Blue Lagoon, don’t worry we didn’t miss out on it. You can check out this Blue Lagoon review. We found it very touristy compared to the Myvatn Nature Baths. It was a great way to end the trip but for the price, I probably wouldn’t do it again. We really had an amazing trip despite the weather but we made the most of everyday. We would do it all again in a heartbeat.



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