Your flights are booked and now it’s time to pack for your Barbados vacation, so where do you start… This is why we’ve created this Barbados packing list just for you!  I was amazed by the amount of people that came into shops saying that they packed all the wrong things and that their clothes were too hot and heavy to wear here. So we are telling you exactly what to bring to Barbados. So our Barbados packing list consists of some essentials for the beach, night life and daily activities.

What To Pack For Barbados

Beach Essentials

1. Swimsuit

The number one necessity when packing for Barbados is a swimsuit, obviously. One peice swimsuits are quite popular here but if you want to really get your tan on then opt for a bikini. Here are a few of our suggestions for what to bring to Barbados!

2. Cover – Up

Even though we are a very laid back country, please cover up when walking down the road. There are so many beautiful cover ups available so here are some of our favorites.

3. Mask and snorkel

Ok, if snorkelling is not your thing then just skip this one, but it is kind of handy to have your own mask and snorkel sometimes. These should be included when packing for Barbados especially if you plan to swim with sea turtles or want to check out some of the reefs around the island.
We have heard fantastic reviews about this all in one mask and snorkel which is why it is our number one choice for our packing list.

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4. Sun hat

Not only do these look great for your instagram pictures, they also protect you from the sun! so it’s definitely a necessity when you are packing for Barbados. These are some of our favorite sun hats.

5. Beach bag

Another essential for any beach vacation. We love a good beach bag, bonus if it can fold up small when we are travelling. Here are some of our favorites!

Evening essentials

1. Multifunctional Maxi dress

Something that can go from day to night is absolutely perfect. You also need to make sure that its very light and airy, so anything cotton has made our Barbados packing list. Here are some great options for dresses.

2. Evening sandals

If you want to avoid the heels while your on vaation then bring a nice pair of sandals. They are so much easier to pack and can look just as fabulous.

3. Fun pouch

I love this little pouches, so functional. You can keep all your electronics etc in them at the beach and then put your evening essentials in them for dinner. I don’t want to brag but we have some pretty awesome ones that you can add to your Barbados packing list:


4. Cocktail dress

If you plans include a fancy event or even a beautiful dinner at one of our fabulous restaurants then maybe you need something slightly fancier. These cocktail dresses are perfect for a romantic dinner.

5. Make Up

Top of your look with some natural make up thats great for travelling.

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Day time essentials

1. Shorts

A flowy pair of shorts or even denim shorts are a great call for activities like our self-drive island tour and walking around the shops.

2. Cotton tops

Light and flowy is perfect for during the day especially when you’re not at the beach.
Wandering Bajans Adventure Awaits Vest Wandering Bajans VW Vest Wandering Bajans Beach Please Vest

3. Shoes

We wear our slippers around everywhere here, but if that’s not your thing then a pair of converse can work just as well.

4. Shades

We love our blenders shades and we practically live in them, so naturally these are our recommendation for our Barbados packing list. They have so many fun/ instagramable pairs that you could go nuts! Check out some of our favorites:


5. Tote Bag or backpack

Perfect for walking through the shops. Some of these bags are totally double as a beach bag as well so you can save space in your luggage.


Other Essentials

1. Camera

Definitely a necessity, if you only want to carry one then maybe a good gopro would work. You would also be able to use it underwater when you go and swim with sea turtles!

2. Aloe Gel

You will get sun burnt at some point. Trust us, grab this before you leave or pick something up at one of the groceries here on the island:

3. Sunblock

We dont really use a lot of sunblock block but you should totally make sure you have that as well so you dont need the aloe gel!

4. Turkish towels

These are fantastic for the beach and to use in the shower and for anything else you can think of, and they pack up small! Use our code WBAJANS20 for 20% your purchase.

5. Medication & Passport

This is a no brainer. Do not forget your medication at home or your passport!


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