As we all know, Instagram is full of amazing accounts of beautiful pictures all over the world. There are so many great ones to follow, so today we wanted to share some of our favorite travel couples that just scream “couple goals!” So in no particular order here are some awesome travel couples you must follow on Instagram… like right now!

1. Carla & Guil from @Double.Occupancy

These two are living their best life! They have travelled pretty much everywhere it seems, from South America to South East Asia! We are totally drooling over their dreamy Instagram profile. You can check out their blog or just follow them on Instagram

2. Lia & Jeremy from @Practicalwanderlust

These two are budget travelers like us! We love their beautiful feed which is bright and full of colour, it just makes you smile! They departed on a year long honeymoon which didn’t go according to plan! You can read all about their adventures and their honeymoon on the blog or just insta-stalk them here.

3. Mer & Sergi from @Foodiesonashoestring

We are absolutely swooning over this account. It is filled with beautiful crystal clear blue waters and white sands. You can follow them here.

4. Ian & Nicky from @AboveUsOnlySk1es

Ian and Nicky spend their days in exotic locations, house sitting and travelling the world slowly! Their feed is just so real, giving you a look into their life at their latest house sitting gig. They also have a blog where you can find out more about house sitting and their travels and you can follow them here.

5. Tip & Tarah from @FitTwoTravel

These guys are jumping into that van life! Their Instagram feed is fun and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store as we follow them on their newest adventure! You can keep up to date on their adventures on their blog or follow their Instagram feed here.

6. Jenny & Alex from @ScrewTheItinerary

This feed is so dreamy! You can check out their adventures through South East Asia and more recently South Korea. This travel couple really look like they are living life to the fullest! Check out their blog or stalk them on Instagram here.

7. Bianca & Brett from @KiwisOffCourse

These New Zealanders have a bright, beautiful, light and airy feed! This travel couple are currently sharing photos from around New Zealand and we are loving it! Check out their blog here and make sure you follow them.

8. Claudia & Michal from @ParttimeTravelers

Their feed is just so romantic, and light! We are in love! You can check their site out here and make sure you give them a follow here.

9. Maggie & Matt from @CheersToAdventure_

These two are super cute! They are living it up in North Carolina and sharing all their local adventures. Also they just had a dreamy wedding in Italy and their photos are gorgeous! Check them out here and follow them!

10. Stacey & Jason from @WanderingBajans!

Did you really think we would leave ourselves out? If you aren’t following us yet then get on it and follow us now. We are sharing all of our local adventures here in the beautiful island of Barbados in the Caribbean! We are budget travelers that prefer campervans over five star hotels! You can read more about us here.

Jason and Stacey

We hope you liked our round up of dreamy travel couples! We hope you are following all of them on Instagram now 😉

Do you have any favourite travel couple accounts that we missed? Please share them below in the comments!


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