Did anyone else feel like their 2020 was spent cooking and cleaning up behind everyone? Honestly, it was a constant cycle of cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner and then washing dishes, cleaning the house, doing laundry… Right before Christmas we caved and finally had someone do a big clean for us. My gosh it was so nice to walk into a clean house… In order to minimize our monthly bills, I was determined to maintain this.
Here are a few of our tools that help make our lives easier:

1. Dyson V8 Vacuum

I hate corded vacuums! Hate! Cords always get caught, they are a pain to put away, they always look messy in the cupboard and I just hate them! This vacuum sits in a charging station which mounts to the wall. It just unhooks and you pull the trigger and off you go! I can easily clean the house on one charge.

2. Swiffer Wet Jet

I cannot believe I used to carry around a mop and bucket! I love the Swiffer Wet jet. I ended up removing the cover of the cleaning solution by soaking it in hot water and adding my own vinegar and water solution, which I love for cleaning our tiles! I also switched out the disposable cleaning pads for microfibre towels. Defintiely more economical!

3. Baseboard Buddy

I have cleaned our baseboards a grand total of… once! Yea, in 3 years of being here… I know, gross! I hated getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing the base boards, and after everything had been cleaned I looked for something that would make it easier for me to maintain. The baseboard buddy is literally a Swiffer type brush with a an extended lip that sits on top of the baseboards so you can stand up and wipe it along the boards. I havent done a thorough clean of every basebaords, but I did test it and it works well!

4. Extendable Duster

Our ceiling fans were always disgusting, how does dog hair even get on top the fan?! I got this duster whichs extends about 4 feet which means we have no excuse for dirty fans anymore! It makes life so much easier.

5. Irobot Roomba 675

We got the Irobot roomba 675 in 2019 as a Christmas present. We started off with a budget model which we got on a Black Friday deal for about $160. This roomba was a game changer, especially with a dog! Jason was so skeptical, and to be honest, so was I. We ran the roomba through the house a few times and after a day or two, we could see how much hair the roomba had collected!
Usually when I’m cleaning the house I will allow it to clean the bedrooms while I’m in the living room and then I’ll usually just mop the bedrooms. But now we have…

6. Irobot Braava Jet M6

On Christmas morning we opened it up, set it up, and let it start mopping the house. We’ve had our Braava Jet, named Jeffrey, for 4 days and I can’t stop talking about how awesome it is. Jeffrey mapped out our entire house and we now have schedules set up for him to clean certain areas at certain times of the day. Every afternoon at 4pm, he cleans around Hero’s feeding station, because.. dog drool…. Every night before we got to bed, the Braava Jet will mop our kitchen. Unlike our older roomba, Jeffrey has managed to successfully navigate its way to each location to clean and back to its charger without any issues. One water tank will usually cover our whole house without any problems, my only chore is to make sure its filled daily.
We’ve been so impressed with the mapping and cleaning power of this Braava Jet that we are planning to upgrade our Roomba to match, the newer models work with the Braava Jet so you can vacuum the house and then the Braava jet will mop as soon as the roomba is done! Will definitely be updating this post when we get our new roomba! There may be days that I may need to get a vacuum and mop out to clean as well but we are so pleased with our system right now and it is so nice to come home to freshly mopped floors!
I don’t know why everyone doesnt have one of these!

7. Alen Air Purifier

Obviously not something thats cleaning per say, but Alen Air Purifier does clean the air, which means its removing all kinds of dust particles and allergens which are around the house. This in turn means there should be less dust on fans, floors and other surfaces! Highly recommend! We experienced alot of fires around us back in March and April which triggered my asthma so this was essential for us!
These 2 robots along with our Alen air purifier, seem to have minimized the amount of dust and dog hair around the house for sure.

Let us know what some of your favourite cleaning products are! We will update this post with any new gear we get, I am still waiting for a laundry folding robot!

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