After booking my Inca Trail trip I realized I needed a proper backpack to take with me. After a lot of research I found this gem on amazon, the Osprey Sirrus 36 L pack. This pack is the perfect size, I managed a week in Peru and four weeks in New Zealand carrying nothing but this. There are so many little pockets which makes it perfect for travelling. You can check out some wheeled backpacks for travel here.

Our first trip together. It was memorable!

Our first trip together. It was memorable!

Osprey Sirrus 36L Compartments

Flip Top:

There are two pockets in the flip top of the Osprey sirrus 36L. The top pocket, which is quite shallow is what I use to put all my documents in. They are also stored in a ziploc bag for extra protection, so they don’t get wet. I also squeeze my wallet  in here as well so I know it’s safe when I’m walking around. The next zipper pocket sits below the shallow pocket. This pocket is quite deep and spacious and I use it for chargers and my gopro, It’s a bit bigger than the first compartment so you can fit a surprising amount of stuff in there.

Showing the top compartments

Showing the top compartments

Main Body

When you flip the top there is a drawstring opening so the bag can be a top loader. You can also open the zip on the front to load from there as well. Everything is easy to reach and you don’t have to unpack the whole bag to get to the bottom of it! This is perfect when you need something from the bottom quickly.

Picture showing front loading and top loading capabilities

Picture showing front loading and top loading capabilities


At the bottom there is a sleeping bag compartment. I have used this for either packing underwear and swimsuits or shoes and dirty laundry depending on the trip. There is also an option to remove the piece on top of this compartment. This allows you to have one big space instead of two. What is great about the Osprey sirrus 36L is that when you’re all packed up and clipped down you can use the compression straps to make the pack smaller!

So much space in this sleeping bag compartment

So much space in this sleeping bag compartment


When you put on the Osprey Sirrus 36L you will notice the mesh panel which allows air to pass through so you don’t get a sweaty back! This worked fantastic! After hiking all day in Peru I never once felt like my backpack was stuck against my back feeling gross! Comfort is key when you’re hiking for 6-7 hours a day! The shoulder straps are well padded and very comfortable.

Osprey Sirrus 36

Airspeed mesh lining with Hip belt pockets

Hip Belt

The pockets on the hip belt were the perfect size. I had plenty of space for my little first aid kit in one pocket, so I never lost it in the depths of my bag. The next pocket always kept my purell, wee wee funnel and tissues so they were in easy reach for the Inca toilets! I also squeezed my GoPro in here so that I could just whip it out and snap some shots along the way.


The Osprey Sirrus 36L was just so perfect and so functional and the colour was amazing. People could spot from a mile away with my bright blue pack! The 36L bag can hold a surprising amount of stuff and bonus it can be carried on airlines! No checked baggage fees! I have travelled through New Zealand in May/June with winter gear in this bag for 4 weeks. If you pack smartly you can do it too! This bag was also used when I hiked the Lost City trek in Colombia and once again it was super functional and comfortable and it continually pays for itself with every trip!

You can find the Osprey Sirrus 36L here on amazon.

Learn how to pack your Osprey Sirrus for travel!

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