Christmas is around the corner! (yay!) Whether you are looking for gifts for friends who are travelling or you are looking for ideas for yourself to add to your Christmas list! We have a list of some great eco-friendly options for the traveler in your life! Not only are these gifts amazing additions to any travelers backpack, they are also reusable or zero waste! Trust us, we are already using a lot of these items and we love them!

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you buy something from the list below we get a bit of commission on the sale. Don’t worry, it wont cost you anything more!

Eco-Friendly Traveler Gift Guide

1. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Our favorite is this super cute Travel Addict’ stainless steel water bottle. We are also huge fans of the Hydroflask water bottles which are fantastic for keeping things cold for long periods of time! Carrying a water bottle while travelling prevents you from buying plastic water bottles, which not only helps the environment, it is also more cost effective for you!

2. Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Set

Bamboo toothbrushes are a great alternative to the plastic toothbrush! This travel set comes with a storage container for your toothbrush while travelling which is perfect. When the toothbrush has reached the end of its life span then you can just add it to your compost!

3. Silicone Toiletry Tubes

Instead of using all of the small toiletries in plastic tubes, opt for a reusable alternative. These silicone travel tubes are great for frequent travelers and are the perfect sizes! Instead of travelling with small plastic bottles, fill these up with your shampoo, conditioners, and body lotions from home!

4. Coffee Cups

One of our favorite things to do is check out coffee shops while travelling! These collapsible coffee cups are great for travelling because they don’t take up very much room in your backpack! I also love the Joco glass coffee cups, they are so perfect and come in so many fun colours! Im totally rocking the bright green 24/7!

5. Turkish Towel

These Turkish towels are 100% cotton. They pack up really small and dry quickly so they are perfect for backpackers. They come in so many fun patterns and colors! We got ours from Prima Towels, you can use WBajans20 to get a 20% discount!

6. Bamboo Fiber Hiking Socks

Bamboo fibers are meant to be great at removing odors, so of course these bamboo hiking socks would make an gift for an adventurous traveler!

7. Packing Cubes

Organization is key when you travel out of a backpack and these packing cubes from Eagle Creek are hands down the best way to save space and stay organized! We use these every time we travel so we know where our things are without having to dig through our entire backpack to find a shirt.

8. Water Purification Straw

These straws filter impurities out of the water, it is perfect for hiking and in case of emergencies.

9. Shampoo Bars

I am obsessed with shampoo bars, not only do they use very minimal packaging, they also last way longer than normal shampoo! This is why these shampoo bars make such great gifts for travelers! It also means you are cutting down on your single use plastic as well which is great for the environment so leave the plastic bottles at home and grab a shampoo bar for travel!

10. Safety Razor

These razors are perfect for backpackers, you can leave the blade at home and just get some razor blades when you arrive at your destination! It’s also super cost effective as you can get a pack of five razor blades for about $1. These razors are high quality and will last a very long time.

11. Solar Power Pack

These are great for hikers! This solar power pack is one of our favorites! It’s great for camping because it has these LED lights which last for a while! We had this in our campervan when we drove around Iceland for 12 days and it was perfect for at night or when someone forgot to charge something during the day!

12. Fun Tees

These tees are our favorite! They just scream wanderlust! We are so in love! Maybe we are a little bias but definitely go check out our shop for so many other colors!

13. Travel Document Pouch

When we pack for a trip, I like to compartmentalize everything to stay organized while travelling. This means we have small pouches for just about everything. I always make sure I have a special place for passports and boarding passes etc and this passport holder is great for that!

14. Toiletry Bag

Every traveler needs somewhere to store their toiletries! We love using a hanging toiletry bag like this. It is really nice to hang somewhere instead of trying to make room on the countertop of the sink and dropping everything in the sink in the process! You can hang this on the shower or even on the campervan, so perfect for every situation.

Do you have any other great ideas for gifts for travelers? Let us know in the comments!


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