From our little camp site in the bush we headed north along the eastern coast of Scotland. We passed many beautiful towns and eventually we started passing distilleries!

Glemorangie Distillery

Our adventures lead us to Glenmorangie Distillery where we arrived 5 minutes before the next tour started! Lucky us! We learned how the whiskey is made, how the barley is toasted to get just the right flavours and then we headed upstairs to see the process of how they actually get whiskey from barley!
They showed us the fermentation tanks and allowed us to smell to liquids at different stages. They even showed us the pure alcohol distillate that is produced right before it is put into oak barrels!
The whiskey is then left in the oak barrels for a minimum of 10 years and the barrels are what give the whiskey its flavour and color!

Even though we are not big whiskey drinkers, we were curious to give it a try so we bought a small bottle to help us keep warm in the arctic blast!

Dunrobin Castle

As we continued our drive through some of the small towns, we noticed signs for Dunrobin Castle as we entered Golspie. We both got really excited and wanted to check it out and it did not disappoint!

Dunrobin Castle was home to the Earls and Dukes of Sutherland since the 13th century, it is one of the largest castles in the Scottish highlands. We explored the interior, admiring all of the beautiful rooms and then we headed outside to look at the gardens and take some pictures of the castle!

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