A Barbadian Girl’s Guide to Crop Over

If you have been anywhere in the Caribbean I’m sure you would have heard about one of their carnival festivals. Carnival in Trinidad is definitely one of the biggest ones in the Caribbean and is held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. That’s great but this post isn’t about Trinidad, the second most popular festival in the Caribbean is right here in Barbados. We don’t refer to it as carnival though, here the season is called Crop Over which starts in June and ends on the first Monday of August with a beautiful parade called Grand Kadooment. Interested? Well here is what you need to know

Crop Over

Pick a Band

This isn’t a music band or anything. This is where you get your costumes. Each “band” has a different theme with different colored costumes depicting that theme. If you are fussy about your costume then you need to pick yours out as early as April which is when the band start launching their themes for the year. If you don’t care what you get then you can wait a bit later. Once you have your costume sorted then you are ready for the road. Costume packages can come super basic from just a beaded bikini top, bikini bottom and waistband to a massive headpiece, wings, beaded bikini or monokini and feathered leg pieces. Some bands offer food for the day but all of them offer free drinks!

Tip: Get a super basic costume, at the end of the day they end up all sweaty and disgusting or you lose your feathers. If you want some feathers grab a collar as an add on to your basic package.

A Barbadian Girl's Guide to Crop Over

Rocking our basic costumes packages with Blue Box Cart

Book your party tickets

Whether you are spending two weeks before Kadooment or two months you will want to take part in a couple of parties beforehand. These parties give you a chance to hear all the new music for the year and see the performers. As the festival gets closer to Grand Kadooment the parties get crazier and there are so many things happening! All-Inclusive parties mean that everything is included even food and drinks may include champagne! Cooler parties on the other hand mean that you walk with your own cooler. Bring your own booze, ice, chasers and don’t forget the cups!

Tip: Make sure to pour all your alcohol into labelled plastic bottles. Trust me the last thing you want to do is mix your vodka with vodka… you’re welcome.

Foreday Morning

This is something you should book by early July depending on which band you want to play with. Foreday morning takes place on the Friday night/ Saturday morning before Grand Kadooment. The whole point of this party is to get dirty. Most bands give you a t-shirt to wear, grab an old pair of shorts and you are all set. This is like the warm up for Kadooment day. These bands start at around midnight and go along their routes until they end at around 7am ish. You follow a big truck down the road which has music and there is a drinks truck for all your booze needs. There is paint and mud that is thrown around all night, if you are clean you are doing it wrong!

Tip: Girls wear your hair in a bun or French braid, I’ve worn pigtails before as well. This makes it easier to get all the mud and paint out of your hair. Also rub your body with baby oil before you hit the road, this helps get the paint off the following morning… you’re welcome!

A Barbadian Girl's Guide to Crop Over

If you aren’t this dirty you’re doing it wrong. Photo by MixNutz

Bridgetown Market

After Foreday morning, the stalls along Spring Garden Highway get busy with people. This is Bridgetown Market. This is really just another excuse to lime (hang out). The stalls have a variety of foods available so you can eat and drink your way down Spring Garden.

Tip: After you’ve recovered from Foreday morning come down in the afternoon, you can also have a swim in the sea after you’ve eaten.

Grand Kadooment

The Sunday before is spent making sure you have all your essentials for the road, here are a few things you should have:

  • Costume (duh!)
  • Sneakers or Boots
  • Tights
  • Make Up
  • Face Gems
  • Money

Kadooment morning make sure you get up early. We are usually up around 5am. Girls put that make up on along with your face gems to glam it up. Everything about today is over the top so rock that dramatic eye shadow! Meet your band at the designated location and on time! If you’re there early the bar is usually open! Once you’ve been through the stadium the parade starts going down the streets. The bands wind their way through Black Rock and down onto Spring Garden Highway. Today is when people let loose and enjoy the music, dance, drink and enjoy!

Tip: Girls, cut the toes off your stockings so you don’t lose your toenails… trust me!

Tip: Pace yourself with drinks when you are on the road for Grand Kadooment and drink plenty of water. The sun dehydrates you so quickly making the alcohol kick in faster. Trust me, pace yourself.

That’s how you do Kadooment, from WanderingBajans



  • Natalie July 26, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    What a crazy wild time! Colorful and a once in a lifetime experience. It would be fun to see all the costumes!

  • Mariella July 27, 2017 at 7:15 am

    Looks like a fun festival! It has it all: drinks, costumes, paint, music, what else could you ask for? The perfect recipe for a great party 🙂

  • Lisa July 27, 2017 at 8:50 am

    You both look amazing! I love the confident of people in the Caribbean, there seems to be such a ‘everyone’s welcome here’ vibe! Great tips about the baby oil. My friend’s Trinidadian and she always goes home for carnival. The Crop Over sounds like so much fun, great photos!

  • Zinara July 28, 2017 at 12:08 am

    Haha this seems so much fun. And wild of course. I love the Caribbean. Picking up costumes according to a theme should be such a fun thing to do. I’ve seen about this Crop Over on Chris Gayle’s Instagram. You might know who Gayle is.

  • Juliette | Snorkels to Snow July 29, 2017 at 2:52 am

    Oh wow what a fun festival to attend! Great tips about the baby oil first to help get off the paint off! And yes good idea to keep costumes simple as it’s bound to be ruined by the end of the night. I’ve never been to anything like this but it looks heaps of fun!

  • woody world packer July 29, 2017 at 8:50 am

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! The picture with the paint is amazing! I never heard of Crop Over, but it sounds like a crazy and fun party!!

    • Stace July 29, 2017 at 8:56 am

      The paint party is definitely one of my favorites

  • Ava July 29, 2017 at 9:53 am

    Looks like so much fun! The tips are great! I have done a color run but nothing like this festival! I left a comment earlier this week but don’t know where it went!

  • Riely July 29, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    I have never heard of the festival Crop Over in Barbados. Nor have a heard of a festival that lasts so long. It seems like a fun festival to participate in especially with the costume themes that you get to dress up in. Great tip on keeping your costume simple.

  • David Meldrum July 30, 2017 at 7:43 am

    I would wear any costume if it involves free drink haha! The baby oil tip is very handy! Paint is normally a pain to get off!


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