Chopstix is an Asian restaurant located in the Savannah Hotel. This restaurant isn’t just for hotel guests though. You can easily make a reservation and come for dinner! We were so excited to try out dinner at Chopstix restaurant. Neither of us had actually ever been here before. We made our reservations for Thursday night and made our way down to Savannah Hotel which is located on the South Coast.

We arrived and made our way to Chopstix restaurant. It is located downstairs on the patio which means you are basically eating under the stars by candlelight. It was such a beautiful evening for it as well, not a cloud in the sky. We sat in the center of the patio so you could see all the way down the courtyard. We definitely had the best seat in the house. When you make your reservation, you should definitely call dibs on this table!

Dinner at Chopstix

The whole kitchen area is open to the dining area which was pretty cool. You could actually sit there and watch the chef cook your meal. The staff were super friendly and attentive. They really made us feel like VIPs and it was so refreshing!

The Food

We ordered a bottle of red wine for our date night and placed our food orders. We didn’t wait long for our food. Jason and I decided we were going to share our starters which were fish cakes, summer rolls, and a California sushi roll. We were so impressed by our beautifully decorated plates that we didn’t want to touch them! We finally dug in and the food was so good! The fishcake was not your traditional Bajan fishcake but it was delicious, or so I was told by Jason who cleaned his plate in the blink of an eye! Their California roll was also amazing! I loved that they served 3 pieces, it was the perfect size for a starter. We were satisfied but not stuffed and eagerly awaited our mains.

California rolls at Chopstix

We both ended up ordering the same main dish because it sounded so amazing! To be fair, the entire menu looked so good that we could have sat there all night taste testing everything! The Cantonese fried rice was just the bomb though! I had mine with pork and Jason had his with beef but it definitely did not disappoint! It was spicy but flavorful, the pork and beef were cooked perfectly.

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If you are looking for something different to do as a local, Chopstix is definitely worth it! As a tourist, just stay at Savannah Hotel and eat there every night!