Barbados is lucky enough to be serviced by many major airlines flying in and out of many airports. The biggest ones being JFK, Gatwick and Miami airport. Unfortunately, many people believe that’s where their adventures should end, which is sad. Use the money you would spend on a shopping trip and book another plane ticket, trust me. Here are some epic trips to take from Barbados that only require one connecting flight.

South America:

Did you now that Barbados has direct flights to Bogota Colombia? Well they do! Once you reach Bogota the whole of South America is ready for you to explore. Stay in Bogota and explore for a couple of days and then hop on a plane to explore more of Colombia (it’s massive). If you don’t want to explore Colombia you can fly from Bogota to Lima Peru, Santiago Chile, Rio de Janeiro Brazil or Buenos Aires Argentina. Did I mention that none of these places require a visa either? Once you get there the exchange rate is pretty good which means accommodation and food are cheap, and that’s a win!


This is a fairly obvious one since Barbados to London is a pretty popular route. The best thing about travelling around Europe is the fact that there are so many budget airlines available. So book your flight to London and then use skyscanner to find the best flight and price to get you to your next destination. Unfortunately Europe is a little harder on the wallet compared to South America, but budget airlines and hostel accommodation could help you balance out those expenses. Just remember that budget airlines charge you for everything, checked bags, food, and drinks. To avoid paying all those fees, travel light, check out my carry on packing list for tips. Bring food or snacks with you on the plane, especially if it is going to be a longer flight, along with entertainment.

G Adventures Europe Trips


Most of Northern Africa is  easy to reach from London. Countries like Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt are popular for tourists. You can also get to Kenya for your safari adventure from London Heathrow and even down to Johannesburg, South Africa. You can also connect to Johannesburg from New York’s JFK airport, it’s a long flight but you can sit back and relax for the whole time. You can also benefit from a great exchange rate here, making South Africa a fairly cheap place to vacation. Barbados also has direct flights to Germany where you connect to other African countries like Namibia, even Kenya and South Africa can be reached with this connection. Morocco, Egypt and Namibia require visas, so keep that in mind before you travel.


Anywhere within the United Arab Emirates should be easy to reach, you can connect to Dubai through London or Munich. As for Abu Dhabi you can go through Munich or Manchester.

India, either the cities of Delhi or Mumbai can be easily accessed from Munich. Once again the exchange rate allows you to get more bang for your buck here in India. Food and accommodation are a lot cheaper. There is an e-tourist visa which allows you 30 days in the country. Book some activities, take in the culture, you are a long way from home for the next 30 days.

Korea, yes it’s far away. Yes you can get there with only one stop over. Yes it’s a long flight. The fastest way is to connect via JFK, from there it’s a direct flight to Seoul which is about 14 and a half hours long. Trust me, on these long haul flights you are well looked after and there are so many movies, the time will go by quickly. Isn’t it exciting flying halfway across the world? You can also get to Beijing and Hong Kong via JFK or fly to Toronto with Air Canada and across. You can also fly the opposite direction via Germany which ends up being 2 flights around 10 hours long, depends what you prefer. Hong Kong and Korea do not require visas, China does again do your research before travelling to make sure nothing changes.

South East Asia

You can connect to either Singapore or Bangkok Thailand from Munich, the flights are roughly 10hours. Once you land you can kick of your South East Asia tour from here, with cheap accommodation, transport and food your only major expense on this trip will be your plane ticket. There are so many budget airlines around South East Asia as well, but please check the safety ratings before you book that crazy cheap flight. You can hop around all of South East Asia via overland transport or flights. Singapore does not require a visa but Thailand does. Make sure you do your research about other countries in the area before you make your travel plans.

On these kind of trips you tend to spend your money on experiences and activities, instead of shopping. Do you research about the best times to fly and review my Budget Travel 101 post to find out how to travel on a budget. Adventure awaits so book your flight and pack your backpack and get ready to go.