Island Adventures

When you live on a small island, it doesn’t take long before it wears you down. Every so often you need to “get off the rock”, most visitors won’t get it because we live in paradise and for them there is so much happening but when you’ve done it all 100 times already it gets monotonous.

I try to go on an adventure every 3 to 4 months, it brings me alive again and refreshes my soul and every time I hop on that plane to come home and I see my little island out of the airplane window my eyes well up because its home. You really dont appreciate it until you’re away for a while, but I’ve learned that there are lots of things to do that can cure that monotony.

Go sight seeing!

I love weekends where we go to a random place we wouldn’t visit normally like the east coast where the scenery is completly different from the west and it almost feels like you’re somewhere else.

Looking out to the Atlantic Ocean from the abandoned North Point Hotel

Take a tour.

Yes you may have done some of this stuff before but how long ago was it?! Last September I did Harrison’s cave, something I havent done since I was small and I couldn’t believe how much some things had changed and how some things were still so familiar. It was really cool and having experienced it again I could recommend it to friends that were visiting as well. 

More recently we booked an Island Safari jeep to take us around the island, the experience was great and our tour guide was fantastic, he took us to places I didnt even know…

Over looking Hackleton’s Cliff with the boyfriend

Spoil yourself.
Ok you won’t do this every week because it will get boring too but every now and then it’s nice to check out a fancy restaurant and splurge a little bit! There are so many beautiful restaurants on the island and I still have so many to try out!

If nothing can cure your travel bug then you only have one option…

Book a flight!

Seriously, just do it. I am currently counting down to October 10th when we leave for Iceland, the anticipation is killing me but it keeps me with something to look forward to and motivates me to keep working hard until then because more money equals more experiences!

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  • Katie December 1, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    Barbados has been on my list for so long and your blogs make me want to go even more! Great post! 🙂


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