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Surviving Long Haul Flights Like a Boss

So you’ve followed all my instructions about budget travel. You’ve got a great flight deal and are travelling carry on only but one of your flights is 10+ hours… Ok don’t panic, it’s not so bad there is a method to surviving long haul flights. First, what you need to do is pack your carry on and get a small…

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Liebster Award!

Well what an exciting couple of months! Wandering Bajan has been nominated for the Liebster Award by Brie from ‘My Unbrielievable Life’, which is about her weird life experiences, some funny stories and some awesome tips and tricks for travel and life in general, you can follow her instagram here. We have known each other for many years, when she…

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Budget Travel 101: How to Travel Often

Travelling can be expensive, there is no doubt about that. When you start looking at flight prices and hotel rooms it really seems a bit out of reach. There are many ways to save money for travel. Here are some ways that I have managed to travel often over the last year or so… Travel in Off Season (Shoulder season) Usually flights…

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