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Most Instagrammable Spots in Barbados

Today I really want to share the most instagrammable spots in Barbados. Barbados is really beautiful, like seriously. There are also so many secluded beaches and sites around the island that are dying to be explored. So, I’m giving away all of our secret spots and telling you where to find the most instagrammable spots in Barbados. Are you ready?…

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The Savannah Hotel: Chopstix Restaurant

Chopstix is an Asian restaurant located in the Savannah Hotel. This restaurant isn’t just for hotel guests though. You can easily make a reservation and come for dinner! We were so excited to try out dinner at Chopstix restaurant. Neither of us had actually ever been here before. We made our reservations for Thursday night and made our way down…

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A Weekend At Almond Beach Resort

Barbados is known for some amazing hotels and beaches. We had the pleasure of enjoying a staycation at Almond Beach Resort. Almond Beach Resort is located just north of the historic town of Speightstown. Neither of us had actually stayed at an all-inclusive hotel so this was our first all-inclusive experience. For a staycation the all-inclusive experience was just so perfect,…

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A Barbadian Girl’s Guide to Crop Over

If you have been anywhere in the Caribbean I’m sure you would have heard about one of their carnival festivals. Carnival in Trinidad is definitely one of the biggest ones in the Caribbean and is held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. That’s great but this post isn’t about Trinidad, the second most popular festival in the Caribbean…

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Sitar Barbados: The Best Indian Food

If you are looking for good food followed by a good party then Second Street is the place to come. Second Street is lined with restaurants and bars each offering a unique menu. More specifically, Sitar is the place to visit. If you are craving some good Indian food make a reservation at Sitar. We received a complimentary dinner, but…

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Barbados on a Budget

Barbados has some beautiful beaches with all inclusive resorts along the coasts and 5 star hotels. Don’t let that get you down, there are many ways to visit Barbados on a budget. First of all, if you have read my budget travel 101 post then you know that low season is the best time to travel. If you check google…

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