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 Trip Planning

One of my favorite parts of travelling is the planning stage. I really love browsing through hotels and tours to find the best ones for the best prices. Unfortunately for most people this part can be quite tedious and time consuming. Let someone else handle the planning, by finding you the best flight prices, activities and hotels, all within your budget. Whether it be super budgeted travel, or luxurious travel, we can tailor each itinerary to suit your style. Use the form below to contact me, be sure to include your daily budget along with your trip length and destination.


Plan your own trip

Enjoy planning your own trip? Then take advantage of our partners and find great deals on hotels using, a favourite of mine for great deals on hotels, hostels or villas. From there browse activities in each area using Viator.

If group tours are more your thing then join a tour with one of my favorite companies, G Adventures. They have many tour available all over the world with amazing guides to help you make the most of your time in your destination.

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