​5 Ways to Eat Healthy on Holiday

It’s going to be difficult steering clear of temptation, but it really is possible to eat healthy when you’re holidaying. Here are five useful tips to keep you in top shape whilst on your travels.

Watch out for the high calories.

Depending on where you’re travelling to, you’re likely going to have to watch out for the high-calorie cuisine. You might want to indulge in some of the most popular dishes on offer, but think about the nutrition, too – did you know, for example, you could consume up to 1,000 calories when feasting on a traditional Italian pizza? Immerse yourself in the culture of your location with some traditional food, but be mindful of the healthiness and eat in moderation.

Go for the low-fat choices

Whatever’s on the menu, there’s bound to be something better for you than the biggest thing they’ve got. Try a lighter alternative to the carbs and the fats – even swapping out certain ingredients of the meal would make it a lot better for you. Also bear in mind grilled dishes are always better for you than fried, and consider sharing your meal if it’s too big.

Drink plenty of water

It’s always important to drink water regardless of where you are, but what with walking all day (likely in the beating sun) it’s even more necessary to stay hydrated. Substituting water for drinks such as soda and alcohol won’t hydrate you nearly as well, and will fill you up or bloat you. Water will keep your body healthy and regulated, and science has proved it’ll keep your metabolism going. Make sure you’re drinking bottled water, though – tap water from countries that aren’t your own could potentially be dangerous to consume.

Keep your dinners light

When you’re on holiday, the chances are you’re going to want to sit back and relax in the evenings. If so, keep your dinners small and light. The lack of exercise you’re doing late in the day means there’s apparently less of a chance of burning off the calories you’ve consumed for dinner, so make sure to have a bigger meal for breakfast and lunch. You won’t be as hungry when it comes to your final meal of the day, and you’ll burn more off as you’re walking. 

Don’t be scared to treat yourself

Think about it – not treating yourself at all means you will want it even more. Don’t be afraid to let yourself go once a day and have a treat. Whether it’s an authentic cone from a gelato shop in Italy or a massive milkshake from the USA, it won’t impact your healthy eating too much if you’re eating well around it. You’ll find it’s an even bigger challenge to restrict yourself.

Post by: Ivy Oliver

Ivy used to go with her brothers on camping and fishing tours during weekends. This started her passion for weekend travels. She’s currently finishing her masters degree in Forestry and Environmental studies and works as a part-time freelance writer for a few pro-environment and travel blogs. She’s been to a few European and Asian countries though she’s planning to tour around North America once she’s done with her studies

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